Thursday, November 16, 2017

Wedding Vows

They say life is a roller coaster ride
With many ups and downs along the way
Some falls, I may be able to save you from
But some I cannot, try as hard as I may
I cannot promise the ride will be smooth
But I promise to hold your hand all through

They say two people cannot always agree
Raised as we are with different faiths and views
Sometimes, we may listen to the other and change ourselves
But sometimes, we may do what the other doesn't want us to
I cannot promise to do all that you ask me to
But I promise to always do what I think is good for you

They say the path of life has many forks
Which path to take, we have many choices to make
Sometimes we may follow the same path, holding hands
But sometimes, we may choose to walk along different paths
I cannot promise to be with you every step of the way
But I promise we will be back together at the end of every day

In every healthy relationship, including marriage, it is always good to know what you can promise, and even better to know what you cannot. 

Sunday, March 6, 2016

The lady in white

"She is blue" said the one
"No, she is red" said the other
Yet another saw her in yet another color
And the fight, with each minute, grew louder

They saw her through their glasses of different colors
There was simply no way they would see her the same
The spectators, though, cheered and egged them on
For them, it was just another game!

And there she stood in the middle, the lady in white
"Truth" was the name by which she was called
She sighed and whispered (or so I thought)
"If none can see me right, do I exist at all?"

Backdrop: the polarized debates raging on in India (and the world over). Humans are inherently biased and our perceptions always distort the truth. Even if an absolute truth were to exist, our puny biased minds are incapable of seeing it. If we were to at least understand and accept this limitation of ours, the world would be a much better place. 

PS: Feels good to be back with the writing after a long gap! And I've tried a painting to capture the mood of the poem as well.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Beauty and the beholder

There it lay on the sands of the beach
A precious stone amidst worthless shards
On its outside, scars from the rough waves
Inside, a brilliance beyond words

On that beach one day walked a girl
Whose search for inspiration along the shore
Ended when she picked up the stone and saw
A beauty that no one had seen before

At that moment it was hard to say
Which was brighter - the sparkle of the stone,
Or the glint in the eyes of the girl
Because she could call that gem her very own

The devotion of an admirer is sometimes as beautiful as the object being admired itself. There is beauty indeed in the eyes of the beholder.

October 23rd, 2010.

On a somewhat related note, here is an old poem of mine from many years ago.

Goddess in Stone

I search for beauty, day and night
To quench my restless and thirsty mind
I drink from every brook I find
But I am still thirsty, I know not why

Then I see her, a goddess in stone
In the middle of a forest, standing alone
Ah, my heart, with joy it leaps
And lands itself right at her feet

Her cold eyes (as cold as stone can be)
Tainted by no feelings, desires, or need
Have a pristine beauty that only I can see
That makes my heart dance with glee

The world thinks I am insane
To waste my life at the feet of a dame
Who cannot love me the way I do
Who cannot say "I am yours too"

But I do not expect the stone to melt
Just to worship at her feet I am content
All of myself I offer at her feet
In the ocean of love I forget I was ever thirsty

August 26th, 2006.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


From the roof a heavy weight hung low
Held up by strings in number three
In time the weakest two snapped and let go
And their loose ends fluttered in the breeze carefree

With the lone string holding on as hard as it can
I began to wonder if it was fair
That the world should reward the strength in a man
With the burdens that the weak cannot bear

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What scares you more?

Being blown up to pieces in an airplane midair,
Or spending New Year's eve alone in your rocking chair?

Dying from disease at an age very young,
Or living a long life, yet ending up nameless and unsung?

Getting laid off at work with four mouths to feed,
Or getting paid less than a friend who has not your fancy degree?

The vagaries and randomness of the world around,
Or the voices in your head that never let you sleep sound?

December 29th, 2009.

Wishes for a very happy 2010.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Up in the cloud, O drop of dew
You are so clear, white, pure and true
Do I wish you rain down to earth
Wash us all and quench our thirst
But lose yourself in the mud and dirt?

O lofty ideal, high up in my mind
You are the dream that keeps me alive
Do I take you from thought to deed
To lend a meaning to the life I lead
But see you twisted by practicality?

From a pedestal up high, you always inspire
O dear mensch, whom I deeply admire
Do I wish you come down to me
So your virtues from close I get to see
But along with them, your human frailty?

October 3rd, 2009.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


The reason you're born, the reason you live
The reason a fire burns from deep within

Never shows itself but in the subtlest way
Like the gentle sea breeze on a summer day

For more space it never begs or pleads
Only fills up the void and makes you complete

And in a suffocating moment when it's gone
You'll realize its worth all along

True love, a treasure to cherish forever
Like the air we breathe, as priceless and dear

April 10th, 2009.