Monday, August 11, 2008

The End

(August 9th, 2008.)

In my search for meaning, to a road I was led
That had writ on it the name "Ambition"
I was told to follow it unto its end
To find and fulfill my life's mission

So diligently I walked, for days and miles
On a fruitless road, but saw no end
At sunsets, when I rested for the night
I was kept awake by discontent.

One such day, she graced my sight,
A serene lake that left me so dazed
As I rested in her lap, I felt that night
Lighter than I had in many days.

Came morning, came the time to leave
(for I may not stop but at the end of the road)
So, dutifully ahead marched my feet
While my heart stayed back in its newfound home

Soon I was back, I could go no more
"And this is the end", to myself I said
The end, not a place that has no further to go
But a place you'd stop at, no matter what lay ahead