Sunday, February 1, 2009

Raising a plant

It takes a lot to raise a plant
An art it is indeed
Knowing when to sow and how to tend
To nurture life out of a barren seed

But when to stop too one must know
And accept what it has grown to be
For no nourishing can ever spring
A palm tree out of a poppy seed!

Raising a plant, like raising a child,
An art it is indeed!
Between nurturing and overbearing
Is a very fine line to breach

January 31st, 2009.

The Sea

(An old one, written on June 1st, 2006.)

My heart pines
For the land of my dreams
The land across the seas
Where nothing is amiss

The desire is no joke, no whim
It burns me from deep within
So into the sea I dive in
But know not I how to swim

My dream sets my soul alight
I tell myself 'I must fight
I must swim to stay alive
Only in the land of dreams must I die'

The sharks of the sea bite me deep
A different man I am when the scars heal
Soon I learn all I need
To stay alive in the stormy seas

At last one day I reach my dream -
The shore, all quiet and serene
The feel of this land under my feet
Is for what I have so far lived

But I am a seafarer, a dreamer no more
I do not belong among the people of the shore
My hands are rough and my voice hoarse
Back to the sea is where I must go

My heart pines
For the dangerous seas
Where I tame the sharks that bite deep
Where only the brave dare to be