Monday, April 7, 2008

Some old ones--sugary stuff.

Here are a couple of my "romantic" poems.

My Love

(May 31st, 2006. This one, though a little sugary, is one of my favorites.)

The memory of the feel of my hand in yours
Seems to be, in the pile of years, long lost.
The picture of yours I have is so old
That I am sure you look like it no more.
Even the sound of your voice in my mind
Is made feeble by the passing time.

But still, my love, I never miss you.
So people ask me if my love is true.

I open my heart and close my eyes,
And lo! You fill me all up inside.
No time no space, try however hard they may,
Can do us apart, because you're just a thought away,
My love, when you are that close to me,
Missing you?! How can that ever be!

Won't you come again?

(July 23rd, 2006.)

You came as the wind that ruffled my hair
And blew away the frown on my brow
You were in the rain that tickled my body
And washed away all my sorrow

You shone as the sunshine all over me
And decorated my smile with a rainbow
You came with the moonlight to kiss me good night
And hugged me as my pillow

Won't you come as yourself just once
And let me melt in your tight embrace
As I stand with arms outstretched
Alone in front of your grave.


Vijay.. said...

Hi.. your romantic poems seem very heartfelt. may i ask whether you delve in writing poems out of literary interest or out of real-life love?

Avi said...

This is a question which naturally comes to mind on reading her bautiful lines on romanticism. But the greatest poets can express feelings which they might not have experienced but imagined. Harivanshraya Bachchan is one such example (he didnt touch alcohol, yet gave a 'classic' madhushala). In Hindi its said 'Jahan na pahuche ravi waha pahuche kavi - 'The poet can reach where the sun's rays cannot'. I think it is unwise on our part to ask personal questions from the poetess. Let us just enjoy and appreciate her creativity.

Vijay.. said...

I agree, i was just curious as to what brings out the poetic side of people, is it innate and manifests itself regardless of the external world or real life experiences motivate people to write and seek solace in writing/composing poetry..

Mythili said...

I personally think that what you write needn't have anything to do with your real life directly. While a few incidents/persons in my life have definitely helped fuel my thoughts and imagination, the stuff I write here is rarely autobiographical.

(Sorry for the delayed response on this thread; just slipped off my radar.)

cipher said...

Hello. I loved the second one, especially the climactic grave line. I had read this poem on your blog long long back, but felt like commenting only today. Your blog is slowly blooming. Well done.