Sunday, November 30, 2008


First came the saintly plants and trees
That cooked their food and gave it away for free
Of peace and prosperity there was no dearth
But God felt he needed more action on earth

Then came the animals, the tigers and wolves
That preyed and killed to feed themselves
But all they did was eat and breed
And soon God was bored with their simplicity

Finally came men, the supreme race
With egos that were hard to satiate
And with creative minds that had a flair
For conjuring trouble out of thin air

They killed, but not anymore for bread
They were insecure, even with a roof over their heads
They plundered the earth in war after war
Until God began to wonder if he had gone too far

November 30th, 2008.

Backdrop: the Mumbai terrorist attacks of the last few days.


Malden said...

This is nice.

I liked the 'The Greatest Thing Man Ever Made' very much.

Mythili said...

Malden -- thanks for your comments!