Saturday, May 24, 2008

When You and I...

(Written on May 22nd, 2008. )

A bright sunny day, the gentle breeze brings
Me the scent of summer flowers from those far away hills
I remember those days when you and I
Lazed on those hills, just soaking up sunlight....

The whiny black clouds begin to weep
I smell the first drops touch the sunbaked street
I remember those days when you and I
Danced in the rain, all drunk and wild....

Fluffy white snowflakes fill my window sill
The kettle makes me coffee to keep away the chill
I remember those days when you and I
Drank jugs of coffee and talked through the night....

Everything I see, everything I do,
Always brings me back to thoughts of you,
For the times that we shared, you and I,
Are by far the best I've seen of life.


Vijay.. said...

hi.. this poem is really nice.
can i use this poem elsewhere, of course giving credit to you?


Mythili said...

sure, you can.

Vijay.. said...

thanks again!