Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Real Me

July 10th, 2008.

Over the years, as I grew old
Many a thing I lost to the world
Purses and pens, keys and money,
And the most precious of them all - The Real Me.

Was that her, The Real Me,
That kid at school that loved to read?
Oh no, that kid only read
So she could be the teacher's pet.

What about this sweet lady here,
A loving friend and a caring mother?
Oh no, this woman cares only so
Some day she will be cared for.

So where is she, The Real Me?
I cannot feel her anywhere in me.
Over the years, her have I lost
In trying to be someone I'm not?

1 comment:

Avi said...

Great thoughts..but one contradiction...a mother doesn't care because she wants to be cared...mother's love is the only unconditional love in this world...