Saturday, October 3, 2009


Up in the cloud, O drop of dew
You are so clear, white, pure and true
Do I wish you rain down to earth
Wash us all and quench our thirst
But lose yourself in the mud and dirt?

O lofty ideal, high up in my mind
You are the dream that keeps me alive
Do I take you from thought to deed
To lend a meaning to the life I lead
But see you twisted by practicality?

From a pedestal up high, you always inspire
O dear mensch, whom I deeply admire
Do I wish you come down to me
So your virtues from close I get to see
But along with them, your human frailty?

October 3rd, 2009.


poorna said...

Nice simile. Rain mixing with mud to show practicality. Well done.

Mythili said...

thanks poorna!

Avi said...

Thanks for ending my wait ..with such a classic're my role model!