Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What scares you more?

Being blown up to pieces in an airplane midair,
Or spending New Year's eve alone in your rocking chair?

Dying from disease at an age very young,
Or living a long life, yet ending up nameless and unsung?

Getting laid off at work with four mouths to feed,
Or getting paid less than a friend who has not your fancy degree?

The vagaries and randomness of the world around,
Or the voices in your head that never let you sleep sound?

December 29th, 2009.

Wishes for a very happy 2010.


sivacharan said...

i was browsing ibnlive.com and over there, there is list of facebook followers and one the name is Mythili. I dont know who she was, but i knew a similar name who was AIR3 when i was preparing for JEE... googled "Mythili ranganath" and in no time i ended up here...

Regarding the poem... nice one on radomness..

Avi said...

This one was very practical...it covers each and every one of us in some way...!! Harsh truth told in manned that is Succint & beautiful!

Let me tell you ma'am that you've inspired me to poetry..!
I wrote my first poem ...but its in Hindi ...

...HappY new Year !!

Rakesh said...

O friend, why are you still inclined
to waste paper and ink-
Go rather forth and try to find
the source where words were formed.